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    One Night in Venice

    A few years ago when my daughter and I backpacked through Europe, one morning we stood in front of the Destinations Board in Geneva to decide where to go next.  Our first idea was Montpellier, France,  but all the guys in the World Cup…

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    Independence Day

    Not the Alien Kind! (Written in Bahrain) Earlier this morning my sister reminded me of something that I sometimes forget about being way over here, half around the world from the USA – today is America’s Independence Day. The 4th of July. But…

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    The Kenya Air Counter

    I was leaving Nairobi, Kenya. Not that I hadn’t loved every minute of my trip there, but it was time to go, and as I approached the Kenya Airways counter to receive my boarding pass for the flight to Dubai, I was greeted…

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    John Lennon

    The Truth About Thoughts

    The Truth About Thoughts As I crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge tears rolled down my face. It had been a miserable week and I was telling myself life wasn’t worth living. All sorts of ideas rolled around in my head and none of…

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    Travel Somewhere, Anywhere!

    The thing about traveling is that it takes you out of your normal life and opens up the world in front of you. On a catamaran or a longboat down the Mekong River, all the limitations of the small lives we lead at…