Multiple Sclerosis

Thank you, Selma Blair

It has been a few weeks since Selma Blair came out of the MS closet and announced to the world that she shares the same condition as many of us mere mortals. We struggle to tell our stories, to raise awareness, to get empathy and understanding from those who do not know what Multiple Sclerosis is really like. But thanks to her notoriety and fame, she has made our plight and fight just a little bit easier. It is great and sad at the same time, but people listen to celebrity, and it is sad for her that she has to be a part of this community for that to happen.

To be real, there are times when I feel that no one hears, and no one cares about the struggles that I and thousands of others deal with daily. I have that ‘invisible’ type of MS – you can’t really see it until you know about it. Then it is obvious in the way I stand, or sit, or avoid the heat of the day. (that is one thing to remember, although Selma Blair says she is always cold and probably needs heat, a lot of us are the exact opposite). There is no one size fits all for this crazy disease.

I can tell you my symptoms, but if you have Multiple Sclerosis or know some one with it, they may tell you something completely different. We are a work in progress. Not a completed picture.

So it is people like Jack Osbourne, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and yes our newest celeb member Selma Blair who do the most to make the non-MS survivors know more about the disease than a hundred thousand of us regular people.

We have found a true champion for our cause. She is brave beyond measure in her ability to be upfront about the aggressive treatment and the steps required to participate. Even if all of us do not need that level of medical intervention, she makes it clear that this disease is not for weaklings.

Thank you, Selma Blair. We needed you.

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