Stop The Presses – The Cure for MS has been found!

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, a very spiritually inclined person, who believes that all of our problems are due to faults in our character. You know the type,. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DISEASE – YOU CREATED IT. That type.

Now look, that may all be true, but honestly, it is the last thing I want to hear. Okay I created my Multiple Sclerosis because I didn’t know how to deal with some trauma or another.   Fine. I will even accept that. But my question for all of those people who are so quick to give advice and opinions on the origins of my disease, is this:


I mean now I have it, and let’s move on.

The main thing now is how I live with it. And oh yeah, while we are at it: No, I am not going to take your snake oil, pompom juice, googoo berries or eat only foods originating from below the 42nd parallel.  I didn’t ask you to cure me or to psychoanalyze my pathology. I don’t need an extra dose of hemlock or what ever else you think is the answer to all my problems.

It always amazes me how perfectly reasonable people, who are wonderful in every other way, seem to have the mistaken belief that they hold the answer to my MS.

If that were true, then why waste time with doctors or any medicine. Just call up a friend and she will tell you that two pounds of flaxseed a day will fix you right up…

There you are, good to go. CURED!

I know this is all done with the best intentions. I know there is a part of the friend that is really trying to be helpful. But friends, please listen carefully to me right now.

We (those of us with incurable, chronic illness) are not asking, nor do we expect you or anyone else to have the magic wand to wave over our heads that will erase the pain.

I know about my disease better than you do, thank you very much. I have read every article, every website, and on top of that I live with it everyday. Don’t insist to me that MS is typically for people over 50, when I know the opposite is true. Don’t tell me if I THINK I am cured I will be.

I am a pretty positive person when it comes to living with MS. There is nothing wrong with thinking you can be better. It helps. But sometimes the implication from people like this is that we aren’t doing a good enough job. We aren’t thinking positively ENOUGH – because if we did – again, we would be CURED!

And, above all PLEASE, do not tell me about that other friend who was miraculously healed – Hallelujah!

Because I know something you don’t about MS. That is the way it behaves. It wasn’t the stupid bee pollen or the rice water, it was a relapse! The relapse worked its way through her body, and then it remitted.

HINT HINT: Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

Do I sound a little tiny bit bitter? I’m not.

I’m just tired of hearing the same thing from people who think for some unknown reason that they have the cure for MS.

I say this to them:


And please don’t ever get a disease that is either incurable or chronic, because if you do I will want to know just how many of those googoo berries it will take to cure you.

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