How often have I heard those words? Pace yourself.

Now we all know what it means, but how many of us actually do it?

I just got back from New Orleans, LA.  and because I am a true Californian, when people asked me where I was from I always said L.A. and of course that simply brought on the laughter, because, after all, they are the ones from LA~!

So what did I learn from that week long trip? What did I learn from taking a job that required a hectic out of state training program?

I learned that even though I sometimes forget I have MS, I still do have it.  And, when I decide to play doctor with myself, I end up in bed for a week trying to undo the fact that I worked all day and some evenings plus travel time.

New Orleans, USA – February 7, 2015: People walk on colorful Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festival.  photo by

New Orleans from California for me is really a short trip. Since I usually go internationally my flights and stays are much longer than this one was.  But herein lies the difference.  When I am doing the planning, the scheduling, etc.  I know how much I can do on one day and I fit things in accordingly.  But when I am at the mercy of a work situation or any other type of event that is made for people who don’t have chronic illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis, then I find myself pretending to feel good the second half of the adventure, because it then dawns on me that I honestly don’t have the stamina required to keep up with the ‘healthy’ (not to mention that they are one third my age!) members of the team.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world said Gandhi but remember to do it on YOUR schedule.  You can’t take on everything and expect to feel your best.

So what was the best part about New Orleans?  Not so much the food for a vegetarian…but the city, (meaning the French Quarter) is charming and full of art, wrought iron and those doughy powered sugared things everyone likes.  But the best thing for this Californian was the massive thunderstorm!!!  We don’t get those in my neck of the woods!

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