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Life Is Adventure

Being awake for the journey doesn’t always mean travel. Sometimes it means being awake to the little miracles life has to offer. I was reminded of that awhile back, when out of the blue I was offered the job of my dreams.

One night I was cleaning out my emails, removing and sorting what needed to be filed and as I hit the delete I took a pause – one of those emails said something about wanting to talk to me about a job.

My dream job is not an easy one to find. There are very few companies and even fewer openings. But sure enough, the email I had almost ditched was an invitation to meet with a prestigious firm about the perfect position for me. In less than a week I had been offered the job and a new career. Actually, it was the career I had given up years ago, and one I had missed every day for two decades.

Sometimes when something great happens we get that dreaded feeling that the bottom will drop out because things are going too well. There must be a little demon around the corner ready to ruin it all. I adsurmit to having those thoughts and I know how hard it is to break that feeling of unworthiness. But this time, with this bit of good fortune, I decided to change those mental tapes and start with acceptance and gratitude.

For anyone one who has lived a lifetime thinking luck only happens to other people, accepting the fact that you are deserving is a struggle. But by accepting our gifts from the universe with gratitude we are acknowledging our worthiness, knowing that what comes to us in the way of positive, life-changing events, is more than just dumb luck. Waking up each morning and uttering the words “Thank you” has become my new mantra.

As I took the time to reflect, I began to understand what had really happened and how much more was involved. Now I know that my thoughts, conscious or not, played a huge part in me being able to once again step into the career I love so much.

You see consciously, even though I didn’t really think I would work in this area again, I never lost focus of my love for the business. I wrote about it, I taught about it, I even counseled others on it. The only thing I had not done was admit to myself that I still had one true desire, and that was to find myself back in the flow of my old career.

I remember reading that the Buddha said: “You are what you think”. And even though obviously the Buddha needs no help from me, I would add that you are what you think, whether you consciously think it or not.

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