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Art As Medicine

We are all artists. Each in our own uniquely glorious way. It is a universal gift that only we as human beings were given so that we can be able to express our deepest emotions in form. I lead workshops and sessions to give safe space for creativity to flow between our hearts and our hands without judgment.

We all carry wounds. Wounds from childhood, wounds from failed relationships. Wounds from our own personal battles that we have been trying to heal for years. Sometimes decades.

My workshops dealing with healing these holes in our soul are designed especially for those people who would like to work deeply with me and the process.

I offer one on one workshops for anyone who needs to have space and privacy to journal, reflect, and paint without the distraction of other participants.

Please contact me for more information on my private sessions.

Being self-aware means having the ability to look inside ourselves so that we may clearly see what thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we are carrying with us through life. The process of self-reflection to gain self-awareness is not an easy one.

I have had students who thought they were just coming to paint, leave completely surprised as they walk away with so much more. They carry home not just a picture, but a symbol of the time spent reflecting and listening to their inner voices.

This tangible symbol of new awareness is the beginning point. It may be used as a focal piece to aid in making changes that are needed to feel better emotionally and even physically.

It is true I am not a physician or a therapist, but through the methods I teach, I have seen smiles of accomplishment, tears of wonder, and the quiet resonance of personal growth in the participants who come.

When I was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago I was lucky enough to have art in my arsenal.

Only through art and journaling, have I helped empower myself, and ease my own battle with Multiple Sclerosis, so I know how art can soothe, soften and lead one to inner wellness.

After being diagnosed I connected with many other MSers on the internet and in person, and the main thing we all said is that we felt like we belonged to a community, a club of sorts. Obviously not one we chose!

If you are someone in the MS community, I am excited and happy that I can offer workshops both online and in person that are designed especially for you.

Each MS workshop is created to address the needs, fears, confusion, and future goals of people with MS.

Whether you take the course online or in person there will be a designated space for you to chat, engage with others and help one another and yourself. This is a very special, very important service, and one that I feel blessed to offer.

For more resources to help people with MS go to:

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